Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Strange Face Project

The Strange Face Project started when as a teenager, Michael Burdett was given permission to trawl through the skips at Island Records to look for old tape demos he could use to record over. He then stumbled upon something that caught his eye
“I picked it up because it had ‘Nick Drake, Cello Song’ and ‘with love’ written on the box. The words ‘with love’ made me think that it had to be Nick’s handwriting and on that basis I couldn’t let it go to the dump.”

When over 20 years later, Michael eventually listened to the tape he was amazed to find an unknown version of the song. He has since then set about with his camera and a cd player to approach people all over Britain offering a unique opportunity to hear the lost recording and capture their moments on first hearing the piece.

Showing at Idea Generation Gallery 27/01/12 - 12/02/12

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