Saturday, 22 October 2011

not so Lucky Dragons

Well, the luck would be my luck. Its taken me 4 attempts to see them live and even last night when i did finally see them it was slightly botched by my friend having to go back across to the other side of london to turn off an oven her mother had in fact NOT left on.

Obviously, i've been trailing this duo (Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck, also founders of sumi ink club) for a while. It was something about making sound with people touching each other that got me.
What i saw last night was a more recent work which involved a live feed from a video camera pointed up at a glass table top with 2 large sheets of lined paper and light shining through it. The participation factor came when they invited members of the audience to push the top layer around to create pockets of light with the layer below going into the camera and into a live feed which was projected onto a wall to show the movement...and into a mixer to alter the sound of one or more of the tracks playing, depending on the size of the light pockets.
In the mean time the duo were responding to and influencing the people at the table.

If you are wondering what the touching each other bit was, its all about circuits and currents. This project was aptly named "Make a Baby". here's a clip that explains it all:

The bonus of the evening was getting the old squeaky singing train from London Bridge back to Brighton. Just the right time to get some inspiration with about 6 months to work on my final degree project.

Also, if you haven't already, go to the post below, its a winner.

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