Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Popular Music - Mikael Niemi

OK, I'm going to attempt a book review... I'll keep it short and sweet

This little treasure was lent to me by Oliver. Popular Music is about a boy and his peers growing up in a strange and quiet nowhere town, the middle of nowhere, Sweden. It's the sixties, and when eventually pop music finds it way to their world, it sends their heads spinning loudly into a new one of guitars, vinyl, performance and girls. The book writes you into this alien arctic land of moonshine, schnapps, ice, saunas, elk hunting, perculiar characters, weird friends and family values. At times the book is dark, scary and surreal; funny and enchanting; the descriptions are visceral and beautiful and seem to drift in and out of reality and fantasy.
I recommend this book highly, and if you do get a copy, get the hardback one with the cover above as it's pocket-size and design is a treat in itself!
Or maybe Olly will lend it to you if you ask him nicely!

It has also been made into a film, but I can't find one with English subtitles anywhere! So if anyone does, you know what to do...


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